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AI versus Marshy #13: emotions > copying, checklists, + predictive baby AI!

Published 6 months ago • 2 min read

Welcome to the lucky 13th edition of AI versus Marshy!

I write about the change that’s on its way and provide takes on how to think about it.

Today we look at:

  • 🚫 Generative AI isn’t stealing your marketing job
  • 📝 Tool of the week: AI Checklist Generator
  • 👨🏽‍💻 Singaporean coder makes Baby AI on the side

Let’s get cracking.

-Marshy 💪

Marketing isn’t AI - it’s all about the emotions 🤭

There are a lot of tasks a marketer does that appear under threat from AI.

🫢 Copywriting

😕 Design

🥺 Creating communications

You can do all of these things with generative AI (+ more) so why aren’t all of the jobs disappearing yet?

Fiona Corsie is a seasoned marketer currently leading things at Bunzl Australia.

She wrote about this in Martech Outlook magazine “Generative AI - Friend or Foe”.

The bit that clinches this argument for me is this quote:

Great marketing hijacks our rational minds and makes us FEEL something. It requires a combination of art and science to be able to do this - and experience and/or passion for something.

Tool of the week: Checklist Generator 📝

One of the best things I saw happen during my time at an agency was one of our coordinators noticing that every one of them was doing the same thing.

The clients were different, but each time they did a social media report - there was a number of things they need to check - EVERY TIME.

So Maddi went on to build a list and share it with every other coordinator on the floor (10-12 of them) without any prompting from leadership at all.

So this basic tool simply creates a checklist off some prompts and off you go.

I see it being more useful for creating then editing/improving than simply using from scratch.

But this sort of thing is super-helpful for anyone finding process documentation hard - and if you manage staff remotely - these sorts of processes are must-have.

Bonus reading 🤓 -

  • The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande
  • Work the System, Sam Carpenter

Great hustle on the baby front

No I am not having any more kids (yet?) but an enterprising gentleman from Singapore built a solution around the question:

Is there an AI that can tell me what my unborn children will look like?

Well I never thought you’d ask!

OurBabyAi is your new friend.

Created by Yifan Goh, his story behind it is covered in High Signal.

He set it up outside of his day job, and has enjoyed some early success riding the wave of interest in AI and building a solution around what people are already searching for (70% of his traffic comes from search).

I love the world of making/side-hustles and this is an illustrative example of why.

If you like more of these stories - I highly recommend reading Pat Wall’s Starter Story newsletter and community (I’m a member).

That’s it from me.

Last week I shared my creds deck in a community and got a kind message on the weekend.

I hate finding out this stuff and yet it happens more often than I care to admit. I’m very grateful it was pointed out 🙏🏻

On that amusing note I’ll leave it there with three questions:

  • Did you enjoy the read?
  • Any burning questions on AI you want answered?
  • Who is going to win the AFL Grand Final (Aussie rules football for my international readers)



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