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Ai versus Marshy #17: no-coding, image recognition, and an awful ism

Published 8 months ago • 3 min read

Hey Reader and welcome to the 17th edition of AI versus Marshy!

It’s a combination of growth marketer nous, takes on the world of AI, and targeted curiosity about what’s unfolding.

Also a big welcome to our new subscribers 👋

This week we look at:

👔 The rise of the novice coder - a quick look at DIY coding

🪚 Tool of the week: Chat with images via Chat GPT

😯 Look out for effective accelerationism

Novice coders can do more than ever

One of the things tech companies LOVE is engineering capacity.

While I was at Google, Larry Page would share a vision for having 1 million engineers.

As Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer shared their secret to growth and success will be “developers, developers, developers”.

I came across a nifty little news publication called Semafor.

It’s a global approach to journalism and one of their stories covered novice coders.

AI is reducing the barrier to entry for coding faster than ever.

I use Webflow for my website. I’m tech-literate but not a coder by any stretch. When making changes and getting “stuck” - I can jump into Chat GPT and troubleshoot what’s needed.

The Semafor article covers some businesses that have embraced this approach and the rise of people engineering solutions for their work on their own.

Here’s a quote I really like:

Taking command of what work you do could be the way of the future.

The flexibility and building solutions that suit your needs is a use case I can get behind.

Here’s one more fact you might not know about AI and code (or no-code):

Before he started Ben’s Bites (daily AI news) Ben founded Makerpad - a no-code training platform that was rapidly acquired by Zapier, I think Ben saw where the next wave of progress was going and wanted to cover AI more generally.

The two areas seem to be blending a lot more now too.

Chat with images: ChatGPT edition

I pay for the pro version of ChatGPT and justify the cost with initiatives like this newsletter.

“Chat with Images” is now out, and I was skeptical about use cases.

I uploaded a chart (of course) of a Google Trends search for “referendum Australia”. For our international readers - some changes are being made to recognise First Nations people in our constitution (the first inhabitants of this wonderful country we live in).

Here’s the image:

So it can read pretty well.

p.s. If you’re Australian, please vote yes - and if you’re in doubt watch this

Nearly all of my work is growth, marketing, design, and data-related - and I’m building towards working with more social enterprises and purpose-led businesses into next year.

So I screen grabbed my LinkedIn and asked it:

Imagine you’re a world-class sales and marketing coach, scan this image and tell me what you would do in order to re-word things in order to attract more social enterprise founders to work with and offer my growth marketing services to?

It had some great suggestions.

I can see this being helpful for website and landing page audits as well!

This would also work with integrations - meaning you could build this into a workflow/process.

“Effective” accelerationism

One of the most terrifying terms I’ve come across in recent memory is the extremist ideology “accelerationism”.

A belief that to make the world “pure”, there needs to be complete chaos and anarchy to bring the world to a stop and start again.

So seeing the term paired up with tech bros in this recent coverage from The Information was both bewildering and unsurprising.

As things continue to progress in this area, there’s going to be a spectrum of beliefs that go across the whole gamut.

I don’t know if this movement runs quite as far as the exteremist ideology and don’t care to investigate - but it does prompt the thought:

Will humans continue to find ways to ruin things?

The answer is always yes.

That’s a wrap for this week.

If you’ve got a tip, want me to noodle on a topic, or this newsletter raises a question for you I’d love to hear it.

I’m missing the regular cadence of AFL on weekends but have started watching the NBA pre-season with interest - go Knicks!

Remember people - we’ve got this!

-Marshy 💪

p.s. A friend recently shared an article on "overchoice" with some helpful heuristics for avoiding overthinking - I love the 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years framework it mentions (10:10:10)

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