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AI versus Marshy #28: cloning myself, ChatGPT with voice, + plug

Published 4 months ago • 2 min read

Hello and welcome to another edition of AI versus Marshy!

It’s still kind of holidays in Australia so I’m going to give you something a bit different.

  1. AI cloned voice of Marshy versus Marshy
  2. Back-and-forth talking with ChatGPT phone edition
  3. A cheeky plug

1. Me versus clone of me

Try yourself using

The original premise behind the name of this newsletter was to pit myself against AI in a variety of challenges.

Because it’s a quieter time of year - I was able to realise this ambition playing with a voice clone of myself. is a tool that lets you clone a voice model of yourself that can then read out additional bits of your content.

The use cases for this are immediately obvious:

  • We can write a hell of a lot of more content than we can speak

So with a tool like this you can record a snippet of yourself, and then use that training to read all of your work.

I mentioned recording a video for subscribers and so here I am honouring my promise:

video preview

YouTube link

The results were impressive.

I used the free version of the tool and uploaded a ~25 second snippet of myself.

This was enough for the free version of the model to “clone” my voice and have a go at reading as “Marshy”.

If I wanted to pay for and use this service, I could train the model more extensively with more audio.

It was weird hearing a version of my voice - it sounded less energetic and more “proper”.

I’m anything but that.

I do see how this could be used by others - and like everything AI - the technology is only going to get better and scarier.

2. ChatGPT voice for iOS and Android

From Tim Harris.

Some users of ChatGPT Pro can use ChatGPT voice on their phones.

This works by talking to the app and having it talk back to you instead of typing.

I can see the appeal - especially when on the move and wanting to nut out a problem (I love the idea of doing this with a voice agent while driving solo).

If you do have Pro and it on your phone, you can find the feature in your settings under ‘New Features’.

It doesn’t appear on mine yet though >:-<

3. Want me to nut something out for you?

Learn more by visiting my page.

I’m rebuilding a portion of my website to focus on two things:

  • Marshy’s Marketing Mondays newsletter
  • Big Fast Value calls

The latter is 15 minutes of free tech, marketing, and sales wisdom with a no-pitch policy.

What that means is I will not pitch.

What this also means is anyone booking a call gets unblemished expertise from someone with nearly 20 years of experience.

This is an experiment I’m playing with in 2024 as I shift my own services to more coaching-led and less delivery-led.

I’ll keep offering these calls for as long as I can for free - until demand gets overwhelming.

I trialled some of these last month and because you’re a reader you get this offer before anyone else.

Visit to drop a time in - it’s as easy as that.

*availability will change over time

I asked ChatGPT to describe this photo of my cat Bonti, and then asked Midjourney to replicate the description in a particular style.

What a magnificent cat!

We’ve got this!


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