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AI versus Marshy #30: next for kin, innovation thinking, and a wearable rabbit

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Greetings and welcome to the 30th AI versus Marshy.

The newsletter that rides the AI hype wave and breaks it back down into your inbox.

A quick request - email me one thing you’ve used AI for in the last week (that you’re comfortable sharing).
I’ll start by sharing one at the bottom of this email.

This week:

  • Participating in the Kin beta test - managing a personal AI
  • Game over innovation teams - one of the best GPTs I’ve seen
  • AI Wearables down the rabbit hole

Let’s hop to it like a pogo stick.


Personal AI with Kin

Learn more via their website.

One annoying thing I’ve picked up playing with Language Learning Models is that over a longer conversation - the AI forgets things.

It seems to have a hard time giving the same weight to something you’ve shared earlier as to predictively answering the next prompt as best it can.

ChatGPT says it will remember conversations from now on, but I haven’t been much proof of this yet.

Enter Kin - a personal AI for your private life.

The goal of the tool is to remember what you say over time and continue being a tool for reflecting and logging whatever you want.

It also has a strong emphasis on privacy and security and I like its design.

I’ve signed up as a beta tester and you can do the same via the link here.

Innovator GPT

Heard via my friend Dave.

There’s a lot of people playing with and releasing GPT’s now the store is open.

Two of the best I’ve seen are Grimoire (helps you code) and Innovator by the author of One Useful Thing newsletter (mentioned here before).

It requires a Pro account so I’ll just walk you through a problem I have today.

“I want to write a new daily newsletter centred on personal growth and growth marketing and how they intertwine. I’ve got a lot of ideas, but aren’t clear on good content structure for a publishing cadence of 5 times a week that will keep it interesting and fresh.”

The wizard then guides me through an innovation framework that gets me to pick from 3 “how might we” questions what resonates the most, some original ideas on how to work through this challenge, some further web researched ideas, some constraints to stretch/poke these ideas, opportunities for feedback, and then converts it into a downloadable Word doc.

My friend Dave put it well:

You can’t defend a product that’s getting its ideas from tech like this.

I think my add to this is there’s never been a better time to leverage this stuff.

If you’ve got an idea/passion project you’re sitting on you really have no excuse for not being able to unblock yourself and get going.

Do you want that idea or do you like the idea of it instead?

Go and get it.

Rabbit AI

Via Twitter.

Wearable AI has got plenty of mentions here and with good reason - it’s going to be one of the biggest playing fields for how AI rolls out.

Rabbit is another entrant:

What I like about their pitch is what it isn’t

  • It’s not claiming to be the hottest thing since Apple
  • It’s not particularly fashionable
  • It’s not polished - the DIY language encourages you to build your own use cases

It’s at a far cheaper price point than the Humane AI pin so we’ll see how it goes!

Thanks for reading this far.

I did promise I’d share an AI use case from the last week.

Well today I’m cooking a beef and vegetable stew with the recipe I got from ChatGPT:

I’ll let you know if it’s tasty next week!

2024 is a vibe. I’ve got a mix of projects and want to hit detonate on the new writing project by end of the month.

Take care and hear from me soon!


p.s. I’m still running big fast value calls - lately I helped a founder with partnership marketing ideas and another with how to make an offer for her new lifestyle coaching venture. They’re free and there’s no hidden pitch. I like helping because I can see so many moves and opportunities

p.p.s. I blended a still of me with the Alan blackjack scene in The Hangover and I won’t sleep well tonight

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