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AI versus Marshy #41: Finding your voice on LinkedIn, emotional AI, and shout-out for Ben

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Hello and welcome to AI versus Marshy!

It’s the newsletter that is keeping an eye on AI for you and making sure you don’t miss out.

This week looks at:

  • Using AI to find your voice for LinkedIn
  • Hume launches an empathic voice interface
  • Ben’s Bites 2.0 for AI tutorials

I’m keen to get this newsletter out the door for you so let’s break like an egg and scramble.


Using AI to find your voice on LinkedIn

By me.

I’m a big fan of LinkedIn.

Something about forcing myself to post something 1-5x a week keeps me focused.

The most interesting part of putting up regular posts isn’t the likes, comments, DMs, or even new work (it’s hard to measure but I’d say it probably does a little).

It’s the conversations I have with people in my network that I might talk to once every 1-2 years.

They say things like:

“I feel like I know what you’re up to” “How are the boys?” “It seems like you’re having a lot of fun”

So I encourage everyone to adopt a writing practice and just ship it.

But for most people the prompt “Start a post” sends chills down their spine:

I think using AI to write things is kind of shitty.

But if you use AI to prompt yourself instead?

What you’ll need:

  • A scrolling screen capture tool - I use Snagit, there’s also a Chrome extension called GoFullPage.
  • ChatGPT Premium - to make image uploading possible (feel free to test others like Gemini or Mistral if you prefer).
  • A LinkedIn profile page.

Now what I want you to do is:

  1. Screen-capture the page.
  2. Upload it into ChatGPT and ask a question similar to this (tailor it for what you’re after).
  3. I have the goal of writing one post a week, and your prompt will be graded out of 100 with a sentence of feedback about what could be better. After each grade reply with a better prompt with the goal of getting a score out of 100. “
  4. Then just give it feedback and make note of the prompts along the way that could get you writing.

You should get some interesting takes.

But what if you don’t have a very active LinkedIn?

Grab a profile of someone who has a job you really, really want (or admire) from another market (I like to draw inspiration from the UK and US) and ask it to help you talk about your goals.

Prompts are better than getting it to do it for you, but give you just enough of an extra push to help find that voice of yours.

It’s worth it - trust me.

What’s an empathic voice interface?

Via Hume.

I’ve talked about Hume a few times now, and it’s a tech company striving to connect emotions, tech, and language.

You can check out the promo video here.

You can see a quick demo of me using it here.

And if you’d like to play with it - just visit - make sure you’ve got some headphones on though as the voice is pretty weird to hear!

Why is this useful?

There’s a lot of things that happen at once with tech like this.

Say you wanted to build a voice assistant. It needs to be translated to text, the AI needs to read the text (with an LLM), and then it needs to deliver a solution back to you with text-to-voice.

Because this is 3 different journeys - there’s more scope for misinterpretation.

A tool like EVI operates more universally - so if you were getting annoyed with “stupid Siri” because it wasn’t understanding what you were telling it - it could enact different ways to solve the problem.

Just like when you ask for something to a human and get irritated when they don’t understand your super-fast and poorly worded request (I’m guilty!)

I’ve registered for the beta.

I’m really interested in this technology for ADHD and think a voice assistant with this tech would do an amazing job of helping you stay on task as a knowledge worker.

I’ll keep you posted!

Ben’s Bites 2.0

Visit here.

I’m a big fan of Ben’s work and with good reason - his newsletter has been an abundant resource for staying on top of what’s happening in AI right now.

He’s now built a new version of his platform that is sharing tutorials and how-tos now as well.

I’m a paying subscriber and I encourage you to go learn some things if you’re feeling adventurous. He’s covering things like how to write a FAQ, standard operating procedures, and even more advanced things like compliance checklists and resume screening.

That’s it for this week - thanks to those of you who jumped in the form to provide a testimonial or feedback - if you’d like to have a go please submit it via the form here 🙏

We’ve got this!

-Marshy 💪

p.s. Later this week for various reasons - namely sick bubbas and Dad!

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