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AI versus Marshy #42: translation, building ADHD tools, and webinar ask

Published about 1 month ago • 4 min read

Hello! Welcome to another edition of AI versus Marshy.

This is the newsletter that equips you with information for learning about AI.

Some of you like to keep up with the news but can’t, some of you want ways you can apply it today, and some of you haven’t said anything but have kept reading - thank you!

This week looks at:

  • I met a founder using AI to bring English training, programs, and courses into Japan
  • Some more tools I’m exploring for ADHD goal machine (working title)
  • Webinars on how to use AI for things like career, startup, and personal development

Lots to log today, so let’s make like a busy lumberjack and roll out some knowledge trees 🪓🌲

Translating expertise with AI - Japanese-style

Via Lunchclub.

Back in edition 36 - I shared an article about the fall of certain industries with the advent of more accessible AI.

Translation is the worst hit - no question.

But this doesn’t mean translation is not needed - it’s needed now more than ever.

I recently met Eric Wei who is building a startup called TimelyHero. He’s building an education platform for Japanese people. There’s quite a large market there of people that only speak Japanese.

Yet the bulk of the world’s knowledge is in other languages.

He’s built a platform that translates it to be understood by local audiences.

What was interesting to me was what he shared about the tech stack that’s powered translation.

You might have got 70%ish accuracy a few years ago, now it’s hovering around 98-99%.

He thinks the tech will get to the point where you could be delivering the content live, and it will dub/translate on the fly.

Considering AI can already manipulate your mouth and voice to look like you’ve personalised a message (SendPotion does this and was mentioned a couple of weeks ago).

There’s a lot of naysaying about “AI hype” in the market as it relates to VCs and fundraising - yawn.

The reality is this is a complex technology breakthrough with a lot of kinks to iron out.

It’s also changing things up right now, and making things possible that were completely not possible just three years ago.

Strap yourself in.

p.s. I met Eric on Lunchclub and learned we used to both work at Google (him after me). One of the interesting things about being a founder (or on your own) is that you have to make peace with leaving the golden handcuffs. I don’t know if I will ever comfortably exceed the earning potential you have working at a big tech company. But I’m not going to die trying.

p.p.s. I asked Eric to pose to be featured in the newsletter - thanks for playing along!

Building a tool for ADHD knowledge workers - update

Via research.

I mentioned wanting to build something in #37 - ADHD edition.

Well since interviewing knowledge workers, I finally got a meeting with an ADHD coach.

I was keen to do this because coaches talk to these kinds of people all-day for their job.

I wanted to sense-check what I’ve found and see if there’s something in this.

It’s harder to get a meeting with a coach - as they’re normally charging for their time.

I believe there was value for them in sharing what I know and so while it took a while longer I’m glad I got a chat in.

Here’s the topline:

  • Most people they work with do experience time blindness and distractions
  • But the solution/workaround/coping strategy for this is different for each person
  • For example - some clients love paper lists, others love a shared list where they’re accountable next to someone else

One of the reasons why the 20 people I’ve spoken with didn’t mention technology much is because there is so many potential reasons/pitfalls towards why they’re working the way they are working.

This was good information to get.

The other shoutout is that a coach doesn’t know what I know.

So I mentioned some of the tools I’ve been looking at, and got a note about an hour or so after the call:

There’s something here.

I don’t know it’s a self-serve tracker, a tool you can implement in conjunction with coaches, or full-blown AI + ADHD personalised consults - but I’ll keep this list posted 🧠

AI + Webinar Experiment

Via me.

Want hands-on learning on how to use AI for:

  • Career development
  • Personal development
  • Finding a startup idea
  • Doing a particular thing better in Y industry?

Here’s the deal:

I love presenting and creating and want to more of it.

I also tend to actively buck away from nicheing - which I really struggle with.

So rather than struggle I’m just going to roll with creating 4-5 webinars in a row to see what sticks/resonates with people the most.

I want to run these on weekly Wednesday lunchtime slot and just see what’s the most useful for people.

I’ll record them and chop them into social media videos and newsletter content as well to make sure it’s good use of time and gets seen more.

IF there’s a topic you want investigated - now’s your time!

Just let me know - I’m not going to oblige you to sit in on the webinar, but I’m happy to build the content and see if it resonates with others.

Just reply and let me know.

Here’s something I did 7 months ago for bMightie.

That’s it.

Outside of this stuff I’m beavering away on a number of NFP projects, almost finished the first book of The Expanse sci-fi series, and getting excited about the basketball season starting for our over 35 team.

Take care and remember we’ve got this! 💪


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