AI versus Marshy #49: the difference between free and paid ChatGPT

Hello and welcome to another edition of AI versus Marshy!

This is the newsletter that keeps tabs on AI and helps you keep up-to-date with what’s happening and how you can use it to suit yourself or your business.

Last week we got into some big themes, and this week we’re deliberately moving away from big picture and into some practical hands-on with ChatGPT4o.

We’re focusing on:

  • Using it for improving your LinkedIn profile
  • Turning a presentation into a social post
  • Using it to create a technical animated GIF

ChatGPT4 is now free for everyone (you still need to sign-up) so if you want to understand the difference between the free version and the paid version - I’ve got you.

There’s lots to tuck into today, so let’s make like a quilt and get down with it.

(I liked that one!)

-Marshy 💪

p.s. I took a few days off last week - so pushed this edition to this week to make up for it 😊

p.p.s. at the very end of the newsletter is something new I've been working on 👀

What’s ChatGPT4o and why would I use it?

It’s the stupid name for the latest paid version of ChatGPT.

It’s super-helpful for figuring out things, and I’ve been doing this long enough now to see a lag between what it’s capable of versus what we as people figure out what we can do with it.

The best way to close that gap is to play with it, and I try to for 15-20mins each day - and much longer when doing things like this newsletter.

First use case: Rework my LinkedIn profile to attract growth coaching clients

I’m moving my consulting more into coaching and working in a coaching/advisory capacity rather than delivery.

I’m finding this work more energising/less frustrating and its been steadily growing this area over time.

My current LinkedIn profile is a generalist’s pastiche, and rationally as a marketer I know it needs reworking to suit the above goal.

Can ChatGPT4o help me?

Let’s see.

  1. Grab a full-page screen capture of the page as someone else sees it. rather than grab from my own profile - I click Settings > Visibility > See Public Profile, then use GoFullPage chrome extension (there are others) to capture the whole long page.
  2. Upload it into ChatGPT4o with a prompt about what I’m seeking.
  3. Give it feedback to get a better outcome.


  • Gave feedback on each section, suggested what to change, and created action steps
  • Covered profile and background photo, headline, about section, experience section, recommendations, skills and endorsements, activity section, education and certifications, final touches, and next steps
  • When I said the feedback was 5 out of 10, to be clearer and to reshape it towards purpose-led leaders it adapted the feedback, got more specific, told me how to do each suggestion in 1-3 steps, and gave me an implementation timeline estimating how much time it would take to get through these suggestions

ChatGPT 4

  • Gave feedback on each section, suggested changes, and provided a rationale - a bit lighter on detail
  • When I gave the same feedback to 4 - it adapted its feedback but kept the action steps lighter on detail and shorter

GPT4o was significantly faster, and provided more actionable tips with its specificity.

The wild thing here as a regular user is the changing of my own expectations.

A month ago the output from ChatGPT4 was amazing.

Now that I’ve used 4o - it felt sluggish.

Second use case: Turn my deck into a 5 slide Carousel for LinkedIn post (with suggested wording)

The slide above is from a presentation I did last week called Navigating Trends for Success.

The presentation went really well -

Nillumbik Shire engaged Luke Marshall to deliver one of our business education seminars, Navigating Trends for Success, as part of Nillumbik Small Business Week.

Luke more than delivered on our and our businesses expectations for the session, the presentation was tailored to business needs, was informative and provided practical tips for businesses to relate back to their business.

Luke’s topic knowledge and presentation style made the session even more rewarding!
-Tania T, Nilllumbik Shire

ChatGPT4o can “read” presentations, this means it can offer suggestions for improvement, add details, and be another set of eyes on your deck.

So what if I wanted to turn the presentation into LinkedIn post - how could I do this? What slides would I pick or adapt?

Well let’s just ask AI.

It’s suggested wording for the LinkedIn post was gross, but it picked out the slides that would support this ask admirably.

Third use case: Using it to help you create a scrolling code GIF as if you were typing things out on the keyboard

So here’s another one from the Starter Story community I’m a part of.

Anastacia asked if there’s an app for creating a GIF of code being typed out -

This visual is common in coding education - where there is highlights of what’s happening to help make the content less dry.

There may be an app for this, but a free solution is available to Mac users.

Apple Scripts lets you do all sorts of things with your Mac (including staggered text appearances) so I asked old mate how to do that.

It provided a straightforward solution for walking through this solution.

I’m excited to write the 1 year birthday edition of AI versus Marshy next week (oh yes I have been counting! 🥳) and one of the things I want to stress is that the limits to what we can do with AI are almost certainly going to be human-led - not technology’s capabilities-led.

There’s a usage gap with technology that exists today. There are novel and elegant solutions that potentially exist for a lot of sectors that aren’t currently being employed.

I met someone recently who is building onboarding gateways for a non-profit he’s volunteering with The workflow for this particular kind of volunteering doesn’t have any current software that suits this.

This is why playing with things is where the magic is going to happen. Exploring things like - does this go with this? is going to unlock far more for the planet than AI or humans alone.

And that’s the thesis of this newsletter and why I keep writing about it.

Human AND machine will ALWAYS work better than one or the other.

The onus is on us to continue learning new ways of working with this technology to forge a better future.

This doesn’t mean doom-mongering like “urk - it’s replacin’ mah job!

It does mean leaning into the learning curve and realising you can do 100 jobs where before you could only do one.

And if all of this is a bit intimidating for you don’t worry - I’ve got you.

I’ll continue writing and distilling and sharing to help bring you along on this journey.

Okay - I’m getting REALLY excited for next week 😉

We've got this!


p.s. I’ve been working on something called in the background. A service that builds digital assets for your business to help get more conversations - have a play, give me some feedback, and apply to be a pilot tester if it sounds interesting to you.

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