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Hey Reader,

You’re getting this email because you either signed up to my website newsletter way back when, or more recently to hear about the launch of Start Marketing book.

So here’s some updates:

  • We’re at the late stage of my partner’s pregnancy, and the due date is mid-late April. If the twin boys can hold on until then, I’m on track to finish and release the book beforehand. I’m in the last week of my freelancing work and intend to use the following 1-2 weeks to tidy, finish, and blast off - I’m excited to share it with you and hope it helps.
  • The book will be released for free/pay what you think for the first two weeks. As a subscriber, you’re going to be notified first, and have plenty of time to get hold of the book first. After those two weeks, I’m going to bump the price up to $20. Later this year I’ll be promoting it more with a combination of guest posts, paid ads, and applying some of the lessons contained within the book too.
  • I’m doing a bit of experiment tomorrow night and doing a speed marketing livestream on YouTube. I asked some people in a startups group to share a small amount of detail about their startup. I’m choosing one to build pitch/marketing/sales assets within the hour. I’ll be using a combination of my own tools and AI to get it done and share the thinking behind what I’m doing. If that sounds enthralling - feel free to add it to your calendar - I’ll be shooting from 7pm AEST or you can simply subscribe and jump on my YouTube at that time. I’m sure something will go wrong and that’s point - a lot of solo marketing is delayed by imaginary hurdles and fear of things going wrong - so leaning into that and expecting it is a surefire way to overcome that.

If you’ve got any other questions about the book in the meantime let me know.

I’m dead serious.

I really appreciate your early interest and want to thank you for being patient as well.

I've broken 3 limbs while writing this thing and I'm pleased to be near the end.


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